Frequently Asked Questions
Table of Contents - General

How long can I use the trial version?
How do I order the software and get the activation code and CD?
How long will it take to get the software on CD?
How do I get support?
How do I get support for data corruption?
How do I get updates for the software?
How do I get a question answered?
How do I get the software to accept more image types?
How do I use the forms area?
How do I delete the sample data in the trial version?
How do I get updates & support after the first year?

What is the minimum requirements to run the software?
Is the software with Macintosh computers?
Is the software with Windows computers?

Recommended - Hardware and Operating System
Recommended - Workstation Configuration
Recommended - Server Configuration
Recommended - Monitors
Recommended - Printers
Recommended - Wide Area Networks
Recommended - Dial-in or VPN Access
Recommended - Hardware and Networking

How do I order the software?
How will the software be delievered?

Is technical support included?
How long is support included?

Can the software sync with my mobile phone?
What is the Mobile Module?

What is Online Backup?
What is the Web Statement Module?
What is the Bar Code Module?
What is the Payroll Module?

Can I use my electronic forms with the software?
Can I email forms with the software?
Can I print labels & envelopes?

Is a user manual included?
Can I order a hard copy of the user manual?

Can I import data into the software?
Can I export data from the software?

Can I send email from the software?

Do you have referrals?
Can I have a list of your clients that use the software in my area?

Can I use the software in my country?

Can I order custom reports to be included in the software?
Can I order customization to be included in the software?

The software trial can be used for 30 days before registration is required.
Reporting and Printing is disabl ed in the trial version.

The activation code is not needed to use the trial version.

All Statement, Invoices, Notices, Letters, Forms and Agreements are editable by the user.
You can change the content, font, size, color and arrangement.

To edit Forms, go to Forms and Edit User Forms under the VIEW menu item.

The software can be ordered online, via telephone or fax.

Electronic delivery of the activation code is completed immediately after purchase via email, the software can be downloaded for up to 365 days from date of purchase. Electronic delivery usually takes 5-30 minutes to get your email inbox. Also check your inbox, spam or junk email folders. A software CD is shipped to the customer via UPS/USPS to the address given at time of purchase. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the software CD to arrive. By purchasing the software you agree to the terms & conditions.

U.S. Ground Map (UPS/USPS)
Business days in transit from: New York, NY 10001

To access support click on the Remote Live Support tab
or Support tab on our website.

Support Portal (http://support.mdansby.com)

The Remote Live Support Portal, allows our Technical Support Team to access your computer and help you with any question or problem.

Support is included with the software for one full year.
Support can be extended after the first year.

If you have a question about the software, please review the manual before contacting support.
Contact support via email, please allow 2-24 hours for a response.

You can contact support at: support [@] mdansby [dot] com

When emailing Customer Service, please provide your Account Number and the Name of the Registered User in the subject line.
Also, please provide a very brief description (1 or 2 lines) of the nature of your question / issue.

If your support and updates has expired, please renew your support and updates subscription online.

Please send screen shots to help show your issue or problem. Thanks.

+ + + WINDOWS USERS + + +
Screen shots, help explain your issue and makes it easier for us to help you.
Please use the following steps to send us a screen shot:

1) Press the Print Screen button.
2) Open your paint program.
3) Go to the Edit menu item, select paste.
4) Go to the File menu item, select save image as (.bmp,.gif,.jpg).
5) Attach the image to your email, send it to support [@] mdansby [dot] com.

Screen shots, help explain your issue and makes it easier for us to help you.
Please use the following steps to send us a screen shot:

1) Press Shift, open apple and 4. This will allow you to take a screen shot.
2) Attach the image to your email, send it to support [@] mdansby [dot] com.

Please use 4D Tools to correct any data issues with the software.

For more information on 4D Tool, click on the product information page and press the 4D Tools option.

You can contact support at: support [@] mdansby [dot] com
If you have a question about the software, please review the manual before contacting support.

With the registration of the software, you get a full year of updates and technical support.

The software updates only upgrade the application, your data is not touched.

Once an update is released, you will be notified via email.

When you receive the update email, you are able to download the update and install it.

You can contact support at: support [@] mdansby [dot] com
If you have a question about the software, please review the manual before contacting support.
The software will be able to handle the following image types:
pic, pct, jpeg, gif, tiff, bit, png, bmp, psd, tga, pntg, tpic and bps.

Download the free QuickTime player, this plug-in will help process more types of images.

If you are using a digital camera, just reduce the image size to reduce the image size. Images should not be larger than 100K.
Under the Forms tab you can edit letters, notices, forms and agreements.

You can create your own or import existing letters, forms, notices and agreements.

On the left side, all your forms, notices, and agreements will appear. Just
double click on one to edit. On the right side, forms, notices, and
agreements specifically for your record will appear.
To insert fields from the application,

Just click on the Insert menu item and select 4D Expression.

You can also right click in the word processing window to insert application fields.

You only have to create the form once, and you can use them with all of your records.

Go to Forms and Edit User Forms under the view menu item.

Click here for the 4D Write User Reference Manual

You can delete sample records by pressing the delete button at the bottom of the input screen.
Technical Support and Software Updates are included for the first year. After the first year, if you want to continue getting Technical Support and Software updates you have the option to continue getting Technical Support and Software Updates.

The software can be renewed online, via telephone or fax.

If you update your Windows or Macintosh operating system, it is very important to install our software updates. Software updates ensure the software is fully compatible with the latest operating systems. If you need help installing software updates, please connect with Remote Live Support via the Support Portal (http://support.mdansby.com)

Single-user and client computers should be fast computers with very good quality monitors.
We recommend Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP as the operating system;
for Macintosh systems, we recommend OS 10.3 or better.

New equipment purchases should be based on a Pentium CPU for Windows machines or G4 or G5 for Macintosh.

(16GB Recommended)

Mac OS
24GB Recommended)

Pentium III
OS: Windows XP

Windows VISTA
& Windows 7
32 Bit / 64 Bit Compatible

(512 Recommended)
14" Monitor with 256 colors
800 X 600 monitor resolution

Mac OS
G3 or better processor
Mac OS X 10.3 or greater
Mac OS X 10.4 or greater
Mac OS X 10.5 or greater
Mac OS X 10.6 or greater
Mac OS X 10.7 or greater
Intel/PowerPC Compatible
(512 Recommended)
14" Monitor with 256 colors
800 X 600 monitor resolution

We recommend (but do not require) 17-inch monitors. A 13-inch monitor is sufficient for the server. It is highly recommended that monitors support 1024 x 768 video resolution, as well as 24 bit colors for imaging. A minimum video resolution of 800 x 600 are required for proper display.
No special printers or cabling are required.
Our software is designed to operate over wide area network connections. We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 256K.

The number of users that can be successfully supported will be influenced by several factors, including:
1) Bandwidth demands of other applications/services sharing the same connection
2) Overall network architecture
3) The specification of the server running our software (and, of course, whether this server is also running other services)
4) The size of the database or information

If appropriate, our technical staff regularly uses dial-in access or VPN connection in order to
facilitate remote support. The minimum bandwidth recommended for dial-in access is 56K.
The recommendations mentioned above do not include network cabling, network hubs, or network consulting. We prefer that all hardware, network cabling, and software be installed, tested and fully operational by the client before our software is installed. We do not provide hardware or communications services except consulting for remote users. If in-house expertise is not available, we recommend that our clients establish a relationship with a hardware vendor and a local system consultant. This recommendation extends to all aspects of the network.
Mobile Computing: Mobile Module - (Windows Mobile / Palm / iPhone / Blackberry / Symbian)
The Palm / PocketPC Module allows you to carry your data with you. Sync information with Microsoft's Outlook and Apple's Address Book. The Schedule module which includes dates and messages. The software syncs with Microsoft's Outlook and Apple's iCal. The data can sync both ways, to and from the mobile device to your desktop computer. With the Web Server, the application is accessible live via a web browser with your mobile device. The perfect companion for the road warrior. The Palm/PocketPC Module works with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or greater and Apple's iCal for OSX.
Don't let your data disappear.
We provide automated, secure,
off-site backup for your data.
Web Statements- Sends an access link via email, enabling users to actually see their information online. The software posts HTML documents on a designated server. Person can click on the link anytime and see their information. People are able to see when payments are posted without calling. Most recent account activity immediately available.

For example, if a Person makes a payment, their payment is applied to the information online. Once changes are made to billing and accounts, the information is updated online, on the information page.

Can be used with the Single User Edition and Server Edition Software.

Bar Code Module allows the use of bar codes, creating, printing and scanning. Compatible with all USB Bar Code Readers
Payroll Module allows tracking of salaries, wages, bonuses and other deductions. Prints Statements and Reports
Ours Forms area provides you with sophisticated word processing and document management functionality.

Documents can use data from records: You can write reports and letters that automatically extract information from your data and merge it with text. You can also use Tenant Forms as a separate word processing application by using it in an external window. Your work within this window can be independent of your data or use data extracted from records in your software.

Yes, the software can print Labels

Yes, the software can print Envelopes

Yes, data can be imported into the software, There is an import editor, which allows you to select the file and import it into the software

Yes, data can be exported from the software, There is an export editor, which allows you to select fields to export from the software

Yes, you can send email from the software, you can email forms and or messages from the software.
Our client list is confidential and the data maintained by our clients is also confidential.   
We are currently under contract with several government agencies and organizations.

We are not at liberty to release client information on any level.   We respect these treaties and treat all of our clients with respect, by insuring there privacy.   If you become one of our clients, we will extended this same practice to your account.

Your decision to register the software should be based on functionality, operational compatibility, user friendliness, and hardware compatibility.    If this software meets those four criteria, you should buy it.   

Of course you do know that any company releasing references list.  Are only releasing approved names and telephone numbers.  Names that are favorable to the company or product.   Most companies offer commissions with third party agents selling or promoting there products.

You can download the free 30 day trial of our software and also download our competitor software and compare for yourself.

Yes, you can use the software in any country. Inside Preferences, you can change the monetary symbol, address format, postal code format and telephone format.